May 19, 2022

Your Behavior Reflects Your Character

The behavior of human beings tends to vary depending on the age, situation, education, and status in the society. An individual display different conduct when alone as compared to his demeanor in a group. Some people are timid at home and act fearless in other places. However, some people exhibit silly habits that are unbecoming of the normal humans. In fact, they are unethical pointing to the indecent and uncivilized character. Here, a list of twelve common silly behaviors is given to understand them.

1. Passengers hustle to board the train though they have the confirmed tickets. Some people climb over the wheels and squeeze through the windows of the buses to get seats during the festival seasons.

2. Residents fight each other for collecting the relief materials distributed by the government agencies. Some people don't appreciate the services being rendered to them during the deluge due to heavy rains but insist for variety in the food donated by the volunteers. They demand butter and jam and refuse to take the bread served.

3. Some people take selfies in sober situations when the leaders and celebrities visit to condole the deaths or funerals of their friends or relatives.

4. Relatives expect hospitality and formalities during emergency situations like hospitalization, death, etc.

5. Some people approach for financial assistance to meet their emergency without bothering about the difficulties of others.

6. Selfish attorneys fleece the debt-ridden families by charging exorbitant  professional fees when these families receive the insurance money settled for the accident and death claims.

7. Agencies and officials siphon off a part of the grants and subsidies provided by the government and charities and disburse the balance to the people. That too after a considerable delay. 

8. Many people lustily gaze at girls and women forgetting their age and onlookers. Some secretly watch the channels like Fashion TV and admire the serials like Baywatch. Many seniors cherish in passing obscene remarks the women in the public places.

9. Rich people cornering the benefits of government schemes meant for the poor and needy.

10. Many individuals keep reminding others for settling the money owed to them. They pretend forgetfulness for not repaying the debts incurred by them.

11. Some enjoy the benefits and advantages from others, but blame and  backstab the benefactors..

12. Many pamper and sing all praises in front of a person, but accuse the latter in his absence.

At the top of all these silly attitudes, a person will go to any extent to justify his or her mistakes. Nonetheless, the same person will blow up such issues when they belong to another person. Unless people understand the value of honesty and righteousness, Silly behaviors will continue to haunt the society.